Membership is open to anyone interested in the identification, life histories, conservation, and appreciation of Minnesota’s native plants. Our present membership is a diverse group of botanists, ecologists, conservationists, naturalists, photographers, artists, horticulturists, native plant enthusiasts and gardeners. We are professionals, students and retirees.

Memberships are available on a yearly basis (renewing in January) with benefits including field trips, the newsletter and special events such as the symposium, seed exchange and plant sale.

The Society conducts field trips throughout the year as far afield as the Susie Islands and as near as the University of Minnesota’s Herbarium. The settings vary from urban, such as members’ wildflower gardens, to remote, such as the Red Lake Peatlands. Most excursions are day trips for which members provide their own transportation. Trip leaders are knowledgeable about important features of each site. Click Field Trips for a schedule of upcoming trips.

The fall seed exchange and spring plant sale provide members with an opportunity to trade not only seeds and plants of native species, but also information on habitat preferences. Members share valuable observations and records of the life histories and cultivation of native plants in their gardens.

Minnesota Native Plant Society members receive the quarterly newsletter Minnesota Plant Press, which provides updates on rare species, summaries of current issues, meeting announcements, book reviews and other information.

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