MNNPS Joins MEP in opposition of Jobs/Energy Bill SF1456

The Minnesota Native Plant Society signed a joint letter from the Minnesota Environmental Partnership (MEP) opposing SF1456 (“Jobs Growth and Energy Affordability Bill”).

This bill is opposed by members of the MEP because it fails to either grow jobs or makes energy affordable, but moves Minnesota backward on both points and prevents future progress.

  • Prohibiting local governments from banning plastic bags
  • Eliminates Public Utilities Commission (PUC) safeguards from price gauging by utilities serving rural residents who want to use solar or wind power.
  • Enables Xcel to use $54 million in Renewable Development Fund money to buyout biomass and poultry power supply contracts.
  • Weakens 1.5% Solar Energy Standard for medium sized utilities.
  • Exempts small utilities from participating in energy savings and efficiency programs.
  • Eliminates the popular Roof-top/ Made in Minnesota Solar rebate program.
  • Repeals Minnesota’s goal, framework, and planning strategy for a 100% renewable energy future.

The Minnesota Native Plant Society joins 25 other organizations in urging Governor Dayton to veto this bill and we encourage MNNPS members and other concerned citizens to contact the governor’s office and voice your opposition as well.

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