MNNPS Joins MEP in opposition of Environmental Omnibus Bill SF844

The Minnesota Native Plant Society signed a joint letter from the Minnesota Environmental Partnership (MEP) opposing SF844 (“Environment and Natural Resources Omnibus Bill”).

This bill is opposed by members of the MEP because it contains many detrimental provisions that will defund programs, weaken protections, limit public participation, and subvert municipal efforts to move forward.

  • Cuts $22 million in operational funding to local Soil and Water Conservation districts resulting in a raid on the Clean Water Fund.
  • Limits citizen rights based on property ownership.
  • Jeopardizes rare calcareous fens.
  • Removes the PCA requirement to adopt air quality standards and environmental review standards for frac sand operations.
  • Begins the permit review process before the evaluation of environmental impact data is complete.
  • Allows corporations to prepare their own draft Environmental Impact Statement.
  • Allows permit applicants to buy their way into an expedited permit.
  • Interferes with science-based forest management at Sand Dunes State Forest.
  • Places a 2-year prohibition on the adoption of rules limiting lead shot.
  • Delays actions to clean-up polluted water.

The Minnesota Native Plant Society joins 25 other organizations in urging Governor Dayton to veto this bill and we encourage MNNPS members and other concerned citizens to contact the governor’s office and voice your opposition as well.

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